Monday, July 4, 2011

If I can't scrapbook....

I can dream about it!!! Well folks, we are getting closer to the big moving day, we have the entire house packed up and are ready to move things out on Wednesday!!!!!
I have really been missing my scrapbook supplies!!!! They have been tucked away in boxes for weeks now!!!
I redeemed some reward points the other day and got this sweet baby:
I can't wait to put it to work on my scrapbook pages!!!
So hopefully I will be putting it to work in a few weeks!!!!!


  1. After I spent 2 hours sewing on one card the other night, I started dreaming about a sewing machine. You will have to update us on how you like it, and if it has lived up to your expectations.

    I feel for you, Carla, not being able to craft for a few weeks because of moving. Oh, it will be so worth it to have a lovely new space. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Carla, your blog is great and your stamps are super. Too bad I live in the Netherlands other miscellaneous stamps I bought from you. Well when you become a follower. Good luck in your new home.
    Greetings Scrapfanaat Peter, Netherlands