Friday, July 22, 2011

We are moved in!

But still unpacking! It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but it was sooo worth it! We are in the new house and have most our stuff unpacked....still lots to do though!
Take a look at my new scrapbook space:
What you see here is about 1/2 of the space. On the other side of the desk, I have room for 4-5 tables for teaching classes and having friends over. We will renovate this space in the winter, adding new flooring, a dropped ceiling with more lighting and fresh paint! It is such a blank slate right now and the renos will look sooooo nice! Until then I am super happy to have such a large space to create in! Hopefully I will have all my goodies unpacked soon!!!!
Here is a peek of my 1900 sq ft of heaven..
Living Room:
 Sunken family room:
 Master Bedroom:

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