Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A trip to the circus

Yahoo, I won 4 tickets to the circus!!!!!! 4 tickets in the sky suite...that was so cool! We had our personal "apartment" in the sky! We had our own personal attendant and even our own washroom! LOL! Hey, that's important with 2 children! ;-)
Here is Theo waiting for the circus to start...as you can see we are very high up BUT the suites are pushed out a bit and you almost feel like your right above centre ice, such a fantastic view!
This was my favorite act. This cowboy had two very well trained horses, he called them both MUSTANG! He was so funny! I could not believe how well trained those two horses were! The kids favorite, the elephant...I couldn't help but feel sorry for it. The fabulous WYNN family....DAREDEVILS! WOW!!!! There was so much more, I took 321 pictures, but I thought I might lose your interest if I shared them all! ha ha!!! And a glimpse of our ride home.....a spring storm hit why we were enjoying the circus.....the usual 3 hour drive home, took us almost 5 hours......we could not go more that 60-80 km/hr the entire way.

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